Falcon's Landing

We are so happy to be hosting you for your upcoming vacation! We are a family-owned company and believe that family comes first. We love to vacation, and assume you do too! We hope you take time to enjoy the area and make lasting memories. We are active on social media so please tag @ghosthostrentals on Instagram so we can be part of your vacation too! Every detail was curated to ensure a high-quality stay for our family and for you. We do our best to provide you with the ultimate vacation based on our own experience, as well as guest reviews and recommendations. Feel free to reach out at any time during your stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

House Rules

  • No smoking allowed on the premise.
  • No pets allowed.
  • No food/drink in the bedrooms besides water.
  • No garbage or debris left outside unattended.
  • We don't allow parties or loud noises after 10pm.
  • A Fire Extinguisher can be found mounted to the wall near the kitchen. A First Aid Kit can be found in the laundry areas. If you use these, you must report it to the property owner so they can replenish them. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.
  • Only the number of overnight guests indicated at check in are allowed to stay overnight on/at the property.
  • Please lock and close all windows upon leaving to avoid wildlife/bug/critter encounters.
  • Any items missing or broken must be reported to the property manager and failure to do so may result in additional charges.
  • Please be patient as we work to improve the property! Our properties might require light maintenance and service during your stay, depending on vendor schedules. In the event that work needs to be done on the property during your stay, we will let you know in advance that a maintenance team member may stop by the property. If no one answers the door, they will have access to the property to service it during normal business hours.

Address & Directions

We recommend screenshotting the pictures below. You’ll find a map and an exterior photo of the property.

587 Springbrook Ln, St Anthony, ID 83445

GPS Navigation will take you right to the property, but below you will find written directions for your convenience:

  • Traveling North on Hwy 20, turn right onto E 800 N/E River Rd.
  • Continue for 0.6 miles and turn at the first cross street onto 3000 E/E 400 N. 
  • Drive for 2.3 miles and turn right onto Springbrook Ln. The property will be on your left in 0.3 miles.



  • Up to 4 vehicles can comfortably park in the driveway.
  • Please only park on the property. No street parking is available.


  • This property can accommodate trailers up to 20’ in length regardless of season.

Check-In Time

4:00pm MST, unless otherwise agreed upon. Early Check-Ins are available on a case by case basis with varied fees based on the requested time.

Gaining Access

Your code will be sent 24 hours prior to check-in via message. Below are directions for operating the smart lock:

  • Unlocking Upon Arrival – Use the custom access code sent to you. Type in your custom access code, press the # button, and the door will unlock.
  • Locking Upon Departure – First, make sure the door is fully closed. During the winter, you may have to pull it closed with more force. Press and hold the # button. Check that the lock is fully engaged by trying to open the door after it chimes.

Heating & Cooling

There are several options for heating at the cabin. To avoid fire hazards, do not place anything on top of, in front of, or touching any of the heat sources:

  • Central heating can be operated via thermostats throughout the property.
  • The propane fireplace in the main living room can be operated via the remote and thermostat to the right of the fireplace. 

The property is not equipped with air conditioning. Guests will need to open a window during the evening or early morning hours to take advantage of the cool air. This is generally only needed occasionally.


Network Name: Pattersonwifi

Password: Bodia22!

Check-Out Time

10:00am MST, unless otherwise agreed upon. Late Check-Outs are available on a case by case basis with varied fees based on the requested time.

Check-Out Instructions

  • Gather all of the towels and put them in the washer. If you have time to wash AND dry a load of towels, that always helps our cleaners but is not required.
  • Load and start dishwasher. If no dishwasher, handwash dishes and set out to dry.
  • If there is a BBQ grill, thoroughly clean the grates and remove all traces of food to prevent wildlife interactions.
  • Don't worry about stripping the beds, but please leave ALL used beds UNMADE.
  • Set thermostats and space heaters to 65 in the winter. Turn off in the summer.
  • Bag and take out all trash to the dumpsters on the property. Any excess garbage that does not fit MUST be taken to the Island Park Landfill by the guests to prevent wildlife interactions. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.
  • All fires must be fully extinguished with water whenever no one is tending the fire. All food items used for cooking must be cleaned and properly stored to prevent wildlife from investigating.
  • Put back any furniture that was rearranged.
  • If any items were damaged during your stay, please do not throw them away. Leave them on the kitchen counter.
  • Turn off all lights & ceiling fans.
  • Close all windows and doors, then lock up.

Area Recommendations

Check out our area recommendations here!

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  • Blinds & Curtains

    Please be careful with the blinds and/or curtains. If you are leaving the house for a length of time, it may be best to shut the blinds/curtains to keep the house cool.

  • Exterior Windows & Doors

    To prevent any unwanted issues, please lock all doors and windows when leaving the property. If you go out for the day and will not be returning until dark, you may wish to turn your porch light on for ease of entry upon return.

  • Game Night

    Help yourself to our game collection! Just make sure all pieces end up back in their box.

  • Garbage & Recycling

    Dumpsters can be found on the north side of the house, by the man door. All garbage must be bagged. Please ensure that all trash is secured in a trash bag and placed into the trash cans provided.

    There is no recycling available at this property.

    Pick-Up is Wednesday. Please place the bin on the road for pick-up.

  • Outdoor Grill

    The grill is available for guest use free of charge. Guests are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the grill after use, as well as cleaning and putting back all tools used. If the cleaners find that the grill or tools were not cleaned prior to departure, an additional cleaning fee may be charged to the guest.

  • Television

    There are several smart TVs throughout the property that allow you to sign in to your personal streaming services. Just make sure to sign out before you leave!

  • Tipping

    Most services in the US should be tipped. Restaurants may automatically add on gratuity to your bill, so always double check before tipping. Wages are lower for these industries and personnel rely heavily on tips to make ends meet.

    Here is a general guide for tipping:

    • Waiter/Waitress - 15% - 20% of the total bill.
    • Taxi Service - 10% of the total faire.
    • Valet Service - 10% of the total cost.
    • Cleaning Service - Any amount is welcome and appreciated.
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