Conmigo is a one stop shop for vacation rentals. Whether you are starting with only the idea to buy, or you are selling, or you currently own a house you want to turn into a vacation rental, we can help on every phase.

  • Marketing/Booking

    We list your home on a number of booking platforms. We also provide a way for you to book the home if you so choose.

  • Cleaning

    We have an entire team dedicated to ensure your home is cleaned thoroughly after each guest.

  • Maintenance

    We take care of any maintenance needs including seasonal and recurring. Rest assured your home is being cared for.

  • Accounting

    Your bookings and funds are kept track in our accounting systems, and owner statements are available for you to view on your owner portal.

Will My Home Work As A Vacation Home?

This is a loaded question, so here is a list of questions to consider when thinking about renting out your home as a vacation rental:

  • Is my home located near tourist attractions or vacation markets? If not, this is not a good option for your home.
  • Do I intend to use my home seasonally? If so, a vacation home is a good option.
  • Do I have amenities that would be wasted on a long term rental? i.e. hot tub, pool table, etc.
  • Do I have to net a certain amount every month to have success? Or is a yearly number satisfactory? Vacation home earnings fluctuate monthly.

We can help you buy a vacation home


With our experience in the vacation rental home industry, we help investors purchase a vacation home and provide analytics, numbers, and data to help find a profitable investment. We can then manage it from there if that is the desire. We will guide you through the entire process!

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We can help you sell your vacation home


We sell homes that are vacation rentals. With our network, we are able to find potential buyers looking for currently operating vacation homes. This is ideal so you can potentially sell the furniture and the house all in one go, and sell it as a business as well as a home.

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Lets Work together


We work with real estate agents who need a solution for management for their clients.

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