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Insure Your Asset Correctly

Protect Your Rental With Landlord Insurance

We have partnered with Steadily to:

  • Ensure you have the right coverage to protect you and your investment
  • Save money by finding the most competitive rates
  • Work with the best-rated landlord insurance company in America

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Who's it for?

Landlord insurance is a policy for people who rent their home to others. Landlord Insurance is not required for a landlord, but insurance can bring many benefits:

  • Legal liabilities
  • Fire and water damage
  • Financial protection against natural disasters
  • Protection for your furnishings

Property types

Steadily make it easy to get property insurance for whatever type of property you own including AirBNBs, VRBOs, and other rentals.

  • Single-family
  • Multi-family
  • Vacant or restoration
  • Apartment buildings
  • Condo units
  • Manufactured

Did you know?

Landlord and homeowners insurance policies are not the same

Landlord insurance is specifically for owners who rent out a property that they don’t live in. A good, comprehensive policy will typically cover the value of the dwelling and improvements, along with liability protection and coverage of rental income losses.

The cost of a landlord policy can be more than a homeowners insurance policy, but it offers more coverage that landlords need. Costs vary due to location, size of the rental, level of coverage, etc.

Landlord insurance may be required

Many mortgage companies and lenders may not only require that you have a landlord insurance policy on a rental property, but that you also insure your home for 100% of its replacement cost. This is to protect your lender’s investment in your home.

Make sure you have the right policy. If you have a Homeowners policy instead of a Landlord policy, collecting on a claim for a tenanted rental investment property could be difficult at the time of loss.

Choose the right insurance

When working with your agent, ask questions like:

  • Are there additional coverages I should add on given my location?
  • Does my policy cover both short and long-term rentals?
  • How is replacement cost calculated at the time of a claim?
  • Are there any upgrades/repairs I can do to this property to reduce my insurance costs?
  • What is NOT included in my landlord insurance policy?

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Protection Per Stay

Damage Insurance

As a management company we use Waivo to cover our owners possessions so they do not have to! We charge the guest a small insurance protection that covers them from any damage they may cause on the home, which in turn gives them a peace of mind in case of accidents happening.

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Items Needed

Professional List

We have collected a list of items that we require to be in any home we manage.

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