Guest terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions

1) You agree to pay for any items you may damage in the unit.

2) Quiet hours begin at 10:00 pm out of respect for the neighbors.

3) Communication – Conmigo Vacation Rentals is ready and able to help you with issues that you may have. We request your first message via the booking platform as our team will have all the details to help you to promptly aid you. If you need further help you are welcome to text or call us outside of the platform we request that you contact us prepared with (1) the name of the guest who made the reservation, (2) the name of the home, and (3) the city where the home is located. We may redirect you to information already provided in the listing or previously provided via the booking platform messages or email. 

4) Local guests MUST message us prior to booking. We simply want to know what brings you to our home and how you intend on using it. 

5) EARLY or LATE Check-IN/OUT: We will do all that we can to accommodate our guests’ requests subject to our cleaning team’s availability. We charge $10 per hour past or before the indicated arrival or departure time. If the guest needs several hours we may require the guest to book the day before or after their desired arrival or departure day. If our cleaning team finishes early we will grant our guests access to the home with our written approval at no extra charge to the guest. We must have at least 24 hours’ notice. There is a $50 LATE CHECKOUT FEE if you are there longer than you have been authorized.

6)  PET POLICY: Pet-friendly homes will be marked “Pet Friendly” on the listing, in the description in multiple locations, and/or in the images on the listing. 

★If the home IS pet friendly we allow pets in the home at the cost of $10/pet per day.

★If the home IS NOT pet friendly we can make expectations to the policy for “Emotional Support Animals” but reserve the right to request documentation. “Emotional Support Animals” are/may still be required to pay the pet fee unless they are proven to be “Service Animals”. 

★For ALL HOMES we honor “Service Animals” accommodations at no extra fees. 

We require that you pick up after your animal and you will be charged $10 per exterior animal clean location. If animals defecate or urinate on carpets the guest will be responsible for the payment of professional carpet cleaning. If animals cause damage to the home the guest will be responsible to pay for their repair. We have a $250 unauthorized animal fee.

7) For short stays, 1-15 days, we do not offer pre-house tours. For guests looking to stay for extended periods, we are open to scheduling a walkthrough tour. 

8) Cancellation: We have subscribed to a cancellation policy provided by Airbnb which is outlined upon booking. We ask that our guests follow the process and terms as outlined by Airbnb. We can be flexible and open the dates up if a guest needs to cancel them. If these dates are booked at the same rate the canceling guest will receive a refund for days that are rebooked. 

9) Date Changes: If a guest needs to change the dates of their reservation they will need to submit a “Reservation Alteration Request” as outlined by Airbnb. Any reservation dates are within 2 weeks of the arrival date. We reserve the right to deny the request or require that the guest pays for the unbooked dates that were formally booked due to the Reservation Alteration Request.

10) Occupancy limits: The occupancy limit is indicated on the listing which is the total number of guests who can sleep in the home in traditional sleeping locations (spots in beds). The home may be able to sleep more guests in non-traditional locations (sofas, couches, air mattresses, and/or pull-out couches).  You will be charged for any extra guests who sleep in the home past the indicated occupancy limits. Please let us know if there are changes to your group number. Fees are published on the listing. If you have visitors to the home that are not part of your group who are staying in the home please let us know. 

11) Smoking/Vaping: There is a $200 per day fee for every day of your booking if it is found that you have been smoking or vaping on the property.

12) Acceptance of state of space: We allow the guests to survey the properties upon arriving and to communicate any pre-existing damages that they would not like to be charged for after check-out. The guest has the first 2 hours after check-in to report any issues. After that time period, the guest accepts the condition of the home and

13) The paper goods that are found in the home (toilet paper and paper towels) are all that will be provided for your reservation. We provide 2 to 3 rolls per required location. We ask that you provide your own paper goods after the provided rolls have been used.

14) Items left behind will be held for 14 days. You must make arrangements with the host to get those items. We can ship the item(s) to past guests for a $20 Fee plus the cost of materials and shipping costs. Payment must be received prior to shipping. After 14 days those items will be considered abandoned.

15) We follow and abide by the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Housing Act, and Airbnb’s Terms of Service to not discriminate as we provide reasonable accommodations and reasonable modifications for individuals who request to stay at our homes. 

We reserve the right to deny any guests that cause the host, homeowner, or other guests undue financial or administrative burden or “poses a direct threat to a person’s health or safety” in an effort by Conmigo Vacation Rentals to provide the guest with “reasonable accommodation” as outlined provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Housing Act, and the Airbnb Terms of Service.

16) Receiving packages: If a reservation is less than 10 days guests may receive packages at the property however we will NOT be responsible for items that are shipped to the home. We recommend guests ask us about shipping packages or ship them to our main office and we can arrange delivery to ensure items are not lost. IF a reservation is staying for longer than 10 days guests MUST ask for authorization. Conmigo Vacation Rentals may require a guest to sign a lease agreement outside of the booking platform or ask the guest to have packages received at another location or post office. 

17) Extended Stay Cleaning Fee Changes: For guests that stay for longer than 18 days the following changes will apply to the cleaning fees. The guest will have a 50% increase in the advertised cleaning fee.

18) Bug Bites – We take pest control very seriously and employ professional pest control services. If an unexpected bite or rash is reported guests must seek medical help to confirm the cause of the unexpected reaction or illness. If a medical professional confirms that the unexpected medical condition is due to pests Conmigo will contract a third party pest control company to verify the presence of bugs in the home and based on their report appropriate action will be taken to control the pest, mitigate the damage, and make amends with the guest if needed. 

19) Locking yourself out of a door- If you lock yourself out of any door we can lead you to our backup key box. If the door is an interior door without a key you will have to call a locksmith at your own cost. If our team has to be dispatched due to locking yourself out we will charge a $60 fee to dispatch someone to help.

20) There is no moving of furniture allowed. There will be a $500 fee if our cleaners have to move furniture back to where they were when the reservation started.