Valley Views Tiny Homes & RV Park As Featured on HGTV

This UNIQUE Tiny Home Village and RV Park located in Irwin, Idaho has 11 amazingly designed units and a 2 unit house on 1.5 acres of pure beauty. We are under contract for this property and are excited about the opportunity it offers.

Deal in a Snapshot

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Yes the expenses do include taxes and insurance

  • Taxes: $1815
  • Insurance: $3028.98

Units - 13

  • (1) Duplex House (2 units)
  • (3) Semi-Trailers Converted to Tiny Homes
  • (1) Traditional Tiny Home
  • (4) Glamping Tents with Attached Full Bathrooms
  • (3) Glamping Tents with Detached Full Bathrooms

Other Buildings/Structures

  • (1) Storage Shed
  • (1) Storage Garage
  • (1) Bathhouse Trailer with 3 Full Bathrooms
  • (1) Lounge/Kitchen Area- Converted Garage

Opportunity Areas

  • (3) Un-used RV spots
  • (3) Glamping tent spots
  • Rent Duplex During Winter
  • Boat Storage Rental

The City of Irwin lies between the Targhee and Carribou National Forests with the Snake River flowing thru the middle. Irwin is the gateway to the Palisades recreational area providing world-class fishing on the Snake River and Palisades Lake; Miles of trails that lead to breathtaking sceneries by foot or horseback.

  • Price of properties in this valley have increased 31.4% since April 2023
  • The largest industries in Swan Valley are Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting

The Nitty Gritty


3827 Swan Valley Highway, Irwin Idaho

This RV Park is located:

  • 58 miles to Grand Teton National Park and Teton Village
  • 63 miles to Jackson Hole
  • 100 miles from Yellowstone National Park
  • 50 miles to Grand Targhee
  • 29 miles to Victor, Idaho and Teton views
  • 1 mile from Palisades Reservoir
  • Half a mile from fishing rivers
  • 2 miles from Falls Creek Waterfalls

This area is flooded by campers, hikers, fishers, and national park goers every summer. The current summer occupancy for this park is 90% occupancy.

Zoning in Place

The property is zoned commercial. While this RV Park has been converted into a Tiny Home Village legally as the battle has already been fought by the present seller.

There is future city legislation planned to prevent all future new RV Parks development in Swan Valley. As it is written, only present parks on the highway can expand on to adjacent land to the current operating park. There is an opportunity to obtain a first right of refusal on the neighboring plot adding 2 acres and 15-25 RV spots.

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Current Income & NOI

The property currently is listed on Airbnb/VRBO only. Here is the gross rental income for the past 3 years.

  • 2021: $132,905.91
  • 2022: $117,848.23
  • 2023: $128,012.59
  • Average: $126,255.58

Current expenses

  • $38,338.25

Average Current NOI

  • NOI $87,917.33

These earnings are over the course of 4.5 months as this park currently is only open Mid May- September. This averages out to gross earnings of $28,056.80/month the park is open. Yearly it averages to $10,521.30/month.

See "Additional Income Plan" to see how we can amplify these numbers.

Additional Income Plan

Our Plan for Amplification of Income

We believe we will increase the current income by 15% during the high season by these things:

  • List on multiple OTAs. It currently is listed on Airbnb/VRBO only. We will list on Marriot Bonvoy,, Google, and our direct booking site as well as VRBO/Airbnb.
  • There are currently 3 empty RV spots we can rent for $1600/month according to competing parks, or we can put 3 more Tiny Homes in those spots as we already have them and are ready to move them.
  • Add 3 more smaller tents in an open space which go for $60/night and cost $500 to buy and set up. They will pay themselves off in 8 nights each.
  • Remain open through October adding an extra month of income.
  • Rent one garage for boat storage at $100/month.

Additionally we will add Winter Income by renting out both units in the house. Currently that is not being done as the park completely shuts down by October 1st.

  • Rent one side of the house for $1800/month and the other for $1000/month for an extra $19,600 on the annual income.

Projected Gross Income: $180,513.32/ Year

Projected Expenses including management: $54,260/Year

Projected NOI: $126,253.32

Projected CoC: 14%

Future Possibility:

  • The neighbor is willing to sign a first right of refusal for her land which borders this property which will add about another 2 acres and single family home.

Funding Needed

Financing will be secured by Conmigo Vacation Rentals, but we are looking for a partner to fund the down payment.

  • $350,000 needed

What we will Offer:

  • 6% annual return paid out monthly
  • 15% equity of the property

Purchase Price: $1,200,000

  • We are under contract with this property and hope to close by July 31, 2024.

Why Work With Us

Conmigo Vacation Rentals started by managing vacation homes owned by others. Over the past year we have worked on owning the homes we manage, and decided the safest way to do so is invest in already legal, multi door vacation rentals near National Parks.

In the past year alone we have:

  • Acquired and renovated a 7 door boutique hotel in Kanab, Utah.
  • Acquired 55 door in syndication with emphasis on marketing and management. 
  • Our team now manages Lower Kenai Lodge in Kenai, Alaska which is improving our management and marketing skills.

Benefits of partnering with us:

  • Management is already in place, and due diligence on money making opportunities is done before the deal is brought to partners. You have access to an entire team of experts at your disposal to answer any questions you have.
  • 6% annual return on investment paid out monthly.
  • Equity offered in the property.
  • Truly passive investment as we do all of the work in every aspect of the property.
  • You have a turnkey vacation rental property you can visit.
  • We manage all of the accounting for you.
  • You can receive the full tax benefit of the property for the first year.
  • Discounted management! We cover hard costs and %5-%10 commissions for our employees time. Typical commissions for the area is 25%.

Full Property Walk Through

Each unit has high end finishes and are very detailed. Each large glamping tent and each Reefer Tiny Home has its own theme. See our walkthrough video for more details.

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Inside Units

  • Started with an RV Park & House

    When the current owners Shane and Rachel decided they wanted to start a vacation rental, the city fought them hard on allowing it. So what did Shane do? He bought the RV Park across the street from the Mayor to start the project.

  • Featured on HGTV

    The first Tiny Home that was built was featured on HGTV: Tiny House Big Living

    Watch Episode 
  • Reefer Trailers

    Current owners Rachel and Shane purchased old Reefer Trailers and completely gutted them. The dream that most people have, they created. The yellow trailer had "No lie, 18lbs of pidgeon poop when we bought it". -Shane

  • Glamping Tents

    To add more character to their park, they added high quality glamping tents that include a full bathroom attached. Each one has a theme, and is carefully decorated with furniture and decor created by the owner Rachel.

  • More Tents

    Smaller tents were added with adorable queen beds and decor set up. Not only are the tents amazing, they build each tent its own full sized bathroom in a storage trailer.

  • Common Kitchen/ Rec Area

    For the "tenters" as they are lovingly called, a rec area and common kitchen was built in the garage of the house. It has kitchen tables, lounging areas, a large grill, and a place to hang out.

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